CSA’s Trusted Cloud Consultant Program

The CSA Trusted Cloud Consultant (TCC) Program allows cloud security professionals and organizations, with a broad understanding of CSA best practices and values, to be recognized by CSA as a qualified source of professional services.

What qualifies a Trusted Cloud Consultant?

A Trusted Cloud Consultant is someone who has proven success as a consultant but gains cloud relevance by using CSA tools and best practices. They are consultants with experience in cloud-relevant assessments and services. A consultant earns TCC status when they meet the following criteria:


What are the benefits of being a TCC?

CSA is enabling consultants to leverage best practices, which individuals can then use independently to drive their own business. When you brand yourself as a partner that’s willing to put in the effort to earn credentials, you build trust. By leveraging the CCM framework, you can perform services more safely and efficiently.


CSA Trusted Cloud Consultants receive:
  • Authorized firm is listed and linked to in the TCC Program Registry
  • Authorized firm receives a Trusted Cloud Consultant trustmark to promote their designation
  • Access to use CSA best practices and research artifacts
  • A press release template to announce the designation as a CSA Trusted Cloud Consultant

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